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The Innova Enterprise Efficiency team works with clients to reduce operational expenses through the unique and targeted set of strategies highlighted below.

Energy Management

IEE is a preeminent specialized energy management advisory firm with vast experience in managing commodity risk. Our industry experience, coupled with our proprietary auction and data management & analytics software, provides every client with a tailored energy solution based on real-time market intelligence. We assist organizations with all of their energy needs, from global businesses to municipal and educational institutions to medium- and small-end users.

Energy Use Reduction

IEE has long succeeded in providing clients solutions to reduce their energy usage, with a focus on Smart Motor Systems and LED conversions. IEE’s proprietary Smart Motor solution has been proven by the DOE to save significantly more than comparable induction motors running variable frequency drives. IEE takes a technology agnostic approach to crafting unique lighting solutions for commercial, industrial, and governmental clients. From qualifying and assessing the right product for each project, to the wide-range of project logistic, management and implementation services, IEE has built a strong, credible reputation through the successful design and implementation of our energy efficiency measures.

Energy Generation

IEE is an active investor and developer of renewable energy projects, primarily focused on solar, wind and steam energy generating assets. Our mandate is to achieve attractive financial returns while furthering the advancement of clean energy, identifying opportunities across the project life cycle – from pre-construction to power generating assets.

Operational Efficiency

IEE partners with clients reduce expenses to enhance bottom line returns. Our success here focuses on helping companies control healthcare costs by switching to a self-insured model as well as reducing the costs of everyday actions such as credit card processing.